iSEED Staffing understands the fact that offers and closures in the recruitment business are juxtaposed hence one has to be proactive to face unforeseen needs and fulfillment then within the committed time frame.


Jasica lenon

iSEED Staffing understands our requirements well and sources right pool of candidates that match our requirements. They are very professional and pays attention to every detail of our Staffing requirements and follows up diligently.  We appreciate their efforts and help in sourcing us suitable candidates for us.


Jason roy

We really appreciate the hard work and effort iSEED put in each assignment they work on. iSEED team is highly professional and understands the timeline of the project which makes them the values partner.


Jennifer James

I normally engage with iSEED Staffing when I have bulk positions to close in a small time frame. I would recommend iSEED Staffing to every kind of organisation; small, medium and large. They have a proactive leadership team, an excellent human resource who seek to blend to the business and create a positive impact and clear intent to move forward at every step.