Turning Your Temp Job Into a Permanent Role

As the offer of temporary positions become more common across many businesses, the role of the temporary worker is growing increasingly important. Many workers favour a temporary role due to its allowance of flexibility, as well as the opportunities it can provide with regards to developing new skills. For others, however, a temporary role is one which is undertaken with the hope of something more permanent at the end of the road. Last summer’s Taylor Review of Modern Working Practises has addressed the possibility of permanency surrounding temp workers, arguing that temps working with the same employer for over twelve months should have the right to request a fixed position, raising questions over the role of the temp. Whilst not guaranteed, there are some steps you can take throughout your time as a temp that could make a permanent job offer a more likely possibility.

Temporary positions are a fantastic opportunity, and a great way to get your foot in the door. To enquire about our current available vacancies, or for information on temporary roles, contact us.